The Demonstration is NVDA’s end of the year performance. We do not charge stage fees, costume fees, program fees, tickets fees, or any other fees. All expenses for the Demonstration come out of the tuition. We believe that dance is a performing art, and part of the dance education should culminate in a performance at the end of the year. We perform on a stage with stage make-up, stage lighting, and the entire experience of pre-professional performing. All choreography and rehearsal time is worked into the class time. We do not want to neglect serious training during class time, so beginning in mid to late February only a very small amount of time at the end of class is devoted to rehearsal.

NVDA culminates the year’s efforts with a unique student’s onstage performance.

Called “The Demonstration,” some of the distinctives are:

  • No costume fees
  • No performance fee
  • No ticket or brochure expense
  • No stage cost to students
  • All students have the opportunity to perform
  • Performance demonstrates technique accomplished throughout the year