Dance is the song of the body.

Martha Graham

The Creative movement level, our youngest offered class, is for the 4&5 year old. We explore a variety of music selections ranging from classical to contemporary. Much focus is spent on learning parts of the body and how to twist, turn, and stop on demand – better known as ‘freeze.’ Counting and keeping time with music is a central focus. Plus, development of each student’s creativity is pursued through self-choreography and improvisation to story themes.

Pre-ballet features the 6&7 year old. At this level creativity meets with an introduction to the discipline of ballet. Positions, preparation placement, and an introduction to the barre are all exciting parts of this class. While the young body continues to develop and find new strength and control, the student gains a depth of awareness of classical ballet through mime, rhythm and exposure to well-known ballet performances.

Fun classes include: Balloon day (pictured), butterfly exploration, holiday dances, and many improvisation stories.